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Presspool gets newsletters out of your inbox,
and into a distraction-free reading experience that you will love

Reading newsletters in your inbox - next to marketing emails, social media notifications, work requests, and everything else - is not great. No matter how you do email - from strict inbox zero to weekly inbox bankruptcy - your inbox is just not the place for reading deep, thoughtful content.

Presspool gets newsletters out of your inbox. Turn a week’s worth of newsletter emails into a single weekly digest in a distraction-free reading experience.

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How it works

  1. Sign up for Presspool and get a dedicated email address for newsletters:
  2. Subscribe to your favorite newsletters (or forward existing subscriptions from your inbox)
  3. Once a week, get an email with a link to your latest issue. See a sample

Advanced Features

Presspool is built for newsletter power users like you. Maybe you’d prefer a daily digest or an RSS feed, or you need to read on your Kindle. Or perhaps you want to group your finance newsletters seperately from your knitting content. Presspool has got you covered!

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